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Monday Motivation: "Wait to Worry" PivotPreneuer: Better Work for a Better Life

Many of us were watching as Hurricane Ian approached Florida's coast. I got to thinking about when I was in Hurricane Ike back in the late 2000s and the worrying that a lot of us did, including me. To some extent, obviously, you see this big hurricane coming in and you go, “Oh my goodness, I have no idea what's going to happen. Is my house going to stand? Am I going to live? " It was a little scary going through that hurricane.The motivation for you today has to do with the word "worry." What do you worry about? What hurricane is on your horizon that you are afraid of that's gonna hit your shores this week, next week, or next month and cause you to lose sleep?That worry causes you anxiety and causes you to be stuck. You're so worried about what's going to happen.Think about this. Everything you worry about is in the future. It hasn't happened yet. So you have no idea what's actually going to happen in that event. Think about what you worry about from your past. You're not worrying about an event that happened in the past. You worry about the effects of what happened or what might happen in the future.The motivation is to just wait to worry. Make your plans, prep for whatever is coming up, but remember to always wait to worry.Support the show
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How to Pivot To Work You Love Using The “5D” Model

Over your lifetime, you’ll make changes and pivot into a better work and life situation. Sometimes, the feeling of needing something different causes you to make a quick decision and jump into something that might not fit your personality, skills, and hardwiring. Here is the “5D” process that you should go through before making aContinue reading “How to Pivot To Work You Love Using The “5D” Model”

3 Pivotal Success Lessons From The Movie, “Walt Before Mickey”

Did you know that Walt Disney was a failure many times over before he hit the age of 30? Despite what many stories about Walt Disney would have you think, the world-famous animator wasn’t an overnight success. He tried and failed and tried again to build a career for himself in the only field he ever wanted to work in: animated films.


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